Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween, Hall Monitor Style

Sunday, October 28, 2012
Hi Friends!

Hope you're getting excited for Halloween this Wednesday! Over the weekend, we attended a Halloween/Birthday party and it was a blast! The hubby and I love coordinating our costumes and getting creative. This year, we decided on hall monitors, which is something we'd done before for a sorority dance in college. We recycled the accessories, headed to Target's clearance section, and got to work!

Andrew decided on a cardigan that would clash with a button-up shirt. He paired that with some khaki pants, rolled up at the ankles, of course.


I purchased a pink dress from the girl's clearance section for $5.08, and wore it with cream tights.

We had hall monitor sashes from college, but I decided to make new ones since the originals weren't in the best shape. I used some white fabric, folded it in half, and sewed it to itself to make the sash thicker. Then I cut out "Hall Monitor" letters from black felt, and hot glued them onto the sashes (much faster than sewing!) Finally, I used hot glue to attach the two ends of the sash to each other.

Add glasses, a cheap bow tie for Andrew, and pigtails with a headband for me, and we were good to go!

The party was a ton of fun, with lots of dancing, as always. 

(To be clear, these are not real cigarettes... smoking is bad for you!)

The best part about dressing as hall monitors is we got to dance super nerdy, which comes naturally to us :)

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  1. Very clever and subtle costumes, I love this idea!

  2. OMG I LOOOOOVE this! Thank you for partying with us at Whimsy Wednesday! We absolutely love your company!

    Kelly at Smart! School {House}


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