Monday, November 10, 2014

Colorado Life | Part 2

Monday, November 10, 2014

Well, we've been in Colorado for almost 6 months, and it has been fantastic! There is such an expansive culture of outdoor adventuring that we can't help but join in.

In our first few weeks here, we hiked to Lost Lake with some of my pediatric co-interns.

Here are a few of the Children's Hospital of Colorado intern crew (and some pups)!

This lovely lady and I both graduated from the same medical school and I am so happy we're doing residency together!

Shortly after this lovely adventure, Andrew and I headed up to the top of Mt. Bierstadt at an elevation of 14,065 feet. This is the first of several fourteeners we plan on tackling over the next few years.

Turns out it's still freezing at the top, even in July. 

Helpful hint: bring gloves so you don't have to use your spare socks to keep your hands warm.

What an absolutely beautiful hike! Stay tuned for our adventures through Colorado State Parks!

This place is awesome.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Driving Across the Country and Back | Part 4: The East Coast

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
As all proper road-trippers know, a journey on I-90 into NY should involve a stop at Niagara Falls.

After our brief tour of Barcelona, we were ready to lay our eyes on this massive waterfall. While the American side is not as picturesque as the Canadian side, these falls are still magnificent to behold.

A quick clicks of our shutters and a selfie or two later, we were off to Albany!

While I had lived in Albany for almost 4 years for medical school, I had never been to the Saratoga Battlefield. On my birthday, we ventured to this historic location for a morning of exploration.

As we read about the battles of Saratoga, we even saw a bald eagle. Quite the American adventure.

Over the couple of days, Lisa and I headed down to Boston to visit our aunts and explore a couple of cute towns in Maine and New Hampshire.

We started with Portland, ME where we had delicious bagels, tasty donuts, and a lovely morning walk in the misting rain.

Then we headed to Kennebunkport, and stopped at St. Ann's Episcopal Church, which was built in 1887. The church also has a small outdoor chapel which was built on the spot where a fort once stood to protect ships in the harbor during the War of 1812.

For lunch, we headed to Portsmouth, NH for some chowder at the Portsmouth Brewery before heading to Boston for the night.

It was a whirlwind of a day, but we had a blast!

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