Friday, June 1, 2012


Friday, June 1, 2012
Strawberries are my favorite food. I'm not entirely sure why, but they are. It's not that I am always in the mood for them, but there is just something about a perfect, red, ripe, juicy, sweet strawberry that makes me so happy. Strawberries remind me of summer, which I also love. My mom makes this delicious summer dessert consisting of Entenmann's All Butter Loaf Cake, raspberry melba sauce, strawberries and blueberries marinated in a dash of sugar and cinnamon, and a dollop of cool whip. YUM. 

I also love the smell of strawberries and the artificial strawberry flavor in Starburst candies. I like that strawberries can be used in salads and smoothies, and I like strawberry jam over any other jam. Especially fresh strawberry jam. My mother-in-law makes some seriously amazing strawberry freezer jam. Again, YUM.

Strawberries complement so many things and never seem to get in the way. Take strawberry rhubarb pie, for instance. Perfect balance of sweet and tart. YUMMM!!!

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