Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Sequin Pumps!

Friday, December 9, 2011
In case you haven't noticed, sequins are SUPER in style right now. While chatting with some med school friends about our upcoming winter formal dance, we decided it would be awesome to all wear sequins. I thought sequin pumps would be adorable, but they cost $$$, so I decided to make my own, and I LOVE the results!
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Here are the easy steps:

1. Gather your supplies:
old pumps
approximately 12-14 yards of sequin ribbon (Joann's sells it by the yard or on a spool)
hot glue gun

2. Start at the base of the back of the heel, apply some glue about 3 inches along the base of the shoe, and attach the sequin ribbon. If you find that your glue is drying before you attach your sequins, just work in smaller sections. You'll get better with every row, trust me!

3. Continue gluing all the way around the base of the shoe until you get back to where you started. Then do a second row right on top of the first one and so on and so on.

4.  The tricky part comes when you have no more side of shoe left to sequin, and the top still has unsequined areas. I worked in a triangle, from the outside toward the center of the unsequened area, and then made a little spiral over the very top.

 5. After you finish the top of the shoe, you'll have to finish the back of the heel as well. I cut the sequin ribbon and put a drop of hot glue on the free sequin end to keep it from unraveling. Then I wrapped it around the back of the shoe and cut + glued it on the other side.

6. Repeat this as many times as is necessary to complete the back of your shoe!

7. I left my heel black (mostly because I ran out of sequins), but I may decide to add more sequins or paint it gold at a later date.

 Adorable, right? And, I only spent about $10!

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  1. hiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I am so happy you are backkkk {I know I am a little late in realizing it..} but yayyy! How are you?! And how is life as a med student and how is life beyond med school? I hope you are finding time to enjoy. My little sister just got married on her break from her 4th year and is now waiting for match day... YUCK I am not sad that I didn't have to match! I do have to say that life is SO wonderful after school---it truly makes it all worth it. I know dentistry isn't like medicine buttttt I still love the real world and my career so much! Anyways.... I am rambling! I hope you are doing well!!!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  2. sorry i forgot to mention that I love your shoes :o) I really really do!

    1. Thanks Jaime!!! I'm glad to be back... we'll see how long this lasts (every once in a while, school gets the best of me, but it is a blast :)) I loved the photos from your sister's wedding! I have two med school friends getting married this summer (to each other) in Cali, and another getting married here in Albany. It's crazy how they can squeeze in a wedding during the small amount of "free time" we have - not to mention PLAN it! I'm glad your sister was able to make it happen too, and hope she isn't freaking out too much about match day! Anyway, LOVE all the projects on your site - they are inspiring and make excellent procrastination material :D

  3. Wow, you have got some awesome talent here! Even though the shoes may not be for me, they look so professional and classy to me.


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