Sunday, February 15, 2015

Colorado Lately

Sunday, February 15, 2015
Well, it's been a fantastic winter so far in Denver! We're seriously loving the break from the constant snow we experienced in Albany for the past 4 winters. Colorado is full of 70 degree surprises and we've been doing our best to enjoy them! A few of these photos are from autumn, but we've been able to enjoy some fantastic winter hikes. We're looking forward to the next couple of months until spring!

Sometime in November, we ventured to our favorite Colorado State Park for a hike. Great views and sunny, blue skies!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Chalkboard: People Who Love To Eat

Sunday, January 4, 2015
Happy New Year!

I've successfully completed the first 6 months of intern year in my pediatric residency in Colorado. It's been quite a journey, but I've learned a ton and am truly enjoying life as a doctor!

That being said, I haven't had as much time to craft or do photography as I would like... and even less time to blog about these creative outlets. I figure I can still share a bit, even if it's not as timely as I would like.

Back in Albany, I painted a piece of poster board with chalkboard paint. It basically sat untouched in our apartment on the East Coast, but here in Denver we have space above our kitchen cabinets perfect for a chalkboard display.

I found this great quote by none other than Julia Child. Using Handy George font, I created a Word document, printed it. cut out the words, and covered the backs of the paper with chalk. I placed the words on the chalkboard background, and used a chopstick to rub over the letters as a means of transferring the chalk to the background. Then I removed the paper and touched up the chalk writing.

It's a pretty simple project, but I do love seeing the sign in the kitchen as we prepare meals!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Colorado Life | Part 2

Monday, November 10, 2014

Well, we've been in Colorado for almost 6 months, and it has been fantastic! There is such an expansive culture of outdoor adventuring that we can't help but join in.

In our first few weeks here, we hiked to Lost Lake with some of my pediatric co-interns.

Here are a few of the Children's Hospital of Colorado intern crew (and some pups)!

This lovely lady and I both graduated from the same medical school and I am so happy we're doing residency together!

Shortly after this lovely adventure, Andrew and I headed up to the top of Mt. Bierstadt at an elevation of 14,065 feet. This is the first of several fourteeners we plan on tackling over the next few years.

Turns out it's still freezing at the top, even in July. 

Helpful hint: bring gloves so you don't have to use your spare socks to keep your hands warm.

What an absolutely beautiful hike! Stay tuned for our adventures through Colorado State Parks!

This place is awesome.

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