Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Home Sweet Home Art

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
After a solid 6 weeks of 12+ hours of studying, 7 days a week, I took my Step 1 medical boards yesterday and have officially come back to Blogland! I am exhausted, but ready for more crafting, cooking, and photography! Okay, onto the project...

While shopping at the Christmas Tree Shops a while back, I stumbled upon this great empty frame for less than $5! I couldn't pass up such a bargain and I figured I'd come up with some crafty use for it. Here you have it - Home Sweet Home!

I've been loving burlap and textured fabric lately, so I designed this "Home Sweet Home" art using some canvas, burlap, fabric paint, and printer paper.

To begin, I used Microsoft Word, selected my font for "home", and put it in outline mode to save ink. I used a different font for the word "sweet," and printed that in solid black.

Rather than cutting out every single letter and tracing them onto my canvas background, I rubbed the back of the printer paper with pencil lead. Then I placed the letters on the canvas and used a chopstick to trace around the printed outline. WAY faster than cutting and tracing, and it worked great!

Once both the "home" words were outlined on the canvas, I used a blue fabric paint to fill them in.

Next, I cut out the letters for the word "sweet" and carefully hot glued them onto my strip of burlap.

Finally, I added some burlap threads to the bottom of my picture and put it in the frame! Super easy and super affordable DIY wall art!

{For the tutorial on my hanging mason jar wall plant, go here!}

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