Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jewelry Holder Picture Frame

Saturday, August 4, 2012
I like necklaces, but I'm not very good at accessorizing. Since I've started my 3rd year of medical school, the most prominent accessory around my neck is my stethoscope. Still, I figured that if I had a better way of actually seeing the necklaces I own, I might be more likely to wear them. 

I picked up a picture frame from Christmas Tree shops, some wood knobs from Lowes, grabbed some scrap fabric and paint from my craft box, and got to work!

This project was really quick! First, I painted the front of the knobs with some light blue paint. Then I took out the glass and covered the back of the picture frame with the fabric. Next I used a drill to make three holes and attached the knobs. Then I used some painters tape to keep the fabric attached to the back of the frame. (This is probably not necessary, but I did it anyway.) Finally, I hung some necklaces and put a hair clip in the corner. That's it!

Much better way to display and utilize necklaces... plus, the fabric matches our bedroom curtains!

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