Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simple Dishtowel Makeover

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My favorite towels to dry dishes are those simple flour sack towels you can find at Target or many grocery stores. They cost less than $4 per towel, and they dry dishes like nobody's business.

It's funny how a dish drying towel can make all the difference when cleaning up after a large dinner party, but it drives me nuts when I get stuck using a non-absorbent, yet very decorative towel. You know how it goes... you and a friend (or sister) decide to help cleanup by tackling the dishes. Friend takes washing duty, leaving you with drying duty. Your dish-washing buddy hands you one of a dozen china dinner plates to dry (since they have to be hand washed), and you grab the only towel in sight and start attempting to dry the plate. 

If you're like me, you try and keep up with the washer, which can be a challenge unless they are stuck scrubbing the turkey pan, or something. Anyway, you eagerly start drying that first china plate, but it seems like you're just smearing water around, and yet somehow, you're "drying towel" is soaked and you haven't even finished one plate! By the time you finally manage to get that first plate dry, the washer has completed about ten of the twelve dinner plates... you're behind. 

When this happens to me, all I can think is, "next time, I'm bringing my own drying towel..."

Well, as I mentioned, I love the flour sack towels for drying, but they are solid white in color, which can be boring if you're wanting something more decorative. So, where do I turn when I want to add a graphic to a plain towel? The Graphics Fairy, of course! For this project, I used her lovely oranges image. I decided a bit of color would be nice, and what better image for a dish-drying towel than food!

I opened it up in Photoshop and removed the background. (This isn't really necessary since you will cut out the fruit anyway.) I printed the image onto heat transfer paper made for ink jet printers. You should be able to find this at your local craft store, or online. 

Once printed, I cut out the image, peeled off the backing, and ironed it onto my towel. That's it! Super easy, but a great way to spruce up the best drying towels ever.

I've also used the Citrasolv method to transfer black and white images onto these towels. See this post if you're interested in that technique.

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  1. oh my goodness your towels are SO cute! I LOVE tea towels too! :o) I loved your message over at my place the other day! I totally know what you mean about how it stinks to not be able to wear flip flops in the medical profession :o) it made me smile! LOVE your new blog look too! Seriously great!!! Hope you are doing well!!!
    ps I am pinning and sharing on facebook!

  2. Very nice! The orange picture is a nice touch. I love The Graphic's Fairy! Karen has the greatest vintage images!

    I have a Passion Parade Link Soiree happening today. I hope you could come by and visit and link-up :) Hope to see you there!



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