Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chalkboard Paint Projects!

Thursday, February 16, 2012
I know pretty much everyone in blogland is somewhat obsessed with chalkboards, so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon. :)

I purchased some chalkboard paint from Lowe's and some tagboard from Target to begin...

There are many tutorials on how to turn a picture frame into a chalkboard by painting the glass with chalkboard paint, but then you can't ever use the frame as a normal picture frame again. Not wanting to limit my options for the future, I decided to paint a piece of black tagboard with chalkboard paint, and place it on top of the glass in the frame. If I decide I'm in the mood for a quick change-up, I don't have to go buy a new frame, I can just take out the painted tagboard!


I used the mat that fit inside the frame as my sizing reference. Then I cut out a piece of tagboard that would fit inside the frame.

Next, I placed my cut piece of tagboard on a plastic garbage bag and painted the entire thing with two coats of chalkboard paint, letting it dry for about 30 minutes between coats.


I used heavy items to hold down the corners and keep them from folding up as the paint dried.
When it was completely dry, I put it in the frame - on TOP of the glass.

Then I "primed" the chalkboard by rubbing white chalk over the entire thing and wiping it off with a very slightly damp cloth.

My plan was to use this chalkboard frame as a modified picture frame that could actually display photos, so I began phase two of the project...


I had an 8x10 black frame that I wanted to paint and distress. When it comes to vintage distressed items, I really love all the chalk paint out there, but it is kind of expensive and I only needed a little bit, so I made my own version.

I shaved about a teaspoon of regular chalk and mixed it with my white and blue acrylic craft paint. I added a few drops of water to get the consistency of the paint right. Mixing chalk into paint will make it quite thick and difficult to work with.

Once I had my consistency right, I painted the entire frame and let it dry. Then I used sandpaper to carefully remove paint from some of the raised edges of the frame.

Once I was happy with the results, I attached the painted frame to the center of my chalkboard frame with a lot of painters tape (that awesome blue tape that doesn't leave any residue when you remove it). We'll see how long it actually stays attached, but it seems to be holding quite well for now!

I grabbed a 4 x 6 photo of the hubby and me, and blue taped that inside the 8 x 10 frame. Then I added some chalk and hung it back on the wall! The great thing about a chalkboard frame is the ability to erase and be as creative with your art as you want. SO many possibilities!

Once I finished the frame, I decided that I might as well chalkboard paint some other things... 

This candle, for instance... not sure what would happen if I tried to actually light the candle (which I won't be doing)!

I used some of the leftover tagboard to make labels for our canisters.

Chalkboard paint is incredible. It has opened up so many new possibilities for art and creativity! Looking forward to more chalkboard paint projects in the future!

**Update: Since this song has been stuck in my head for the last day, I decided to change the chalkboard frame to the lyrics from Robin Hood's "Love." I love Disney classics! 


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  1. awhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I love your chalkboard fun and you and your hubby are just too cute! :o) thank you so much for linking up! I always get so excited to see what you are up to! I hope you are surviving the world of med school!!!

    1. Thanks, Jaime! And congrats on your ONE YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY!! You are so talented and I love how much passion and joy you share with others through your blog! Seriously, so inspiring :)

  2. wow! I love this ^^ thanks for the awesome idea :)
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